We are changing!

Star Medical Inc. is changing our name to Ethos™ Therapy Solutions.

Please bear with us while our website is under construction.

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As a patient, health care provider, clinician, or caregiver, the relationship you have with your wound care product provider is essential. You deserve expert and compassionate service from specialists committed to wound care management. Star Medical understands that support surfaces are a critical component to a successful wound care plan and essential to prevent and heal skin ulcers.

Air-fluidized therapy is widely recognized as the optimal surface for patients with Stage III or Stage IV pressure ulcers, post-operative myocutaneous flaps, or skin grafts. Fluidization redistributes the body’s weight and manages the micro-climate to protect the skin and promote wound treatment and healing.

The professionals at Star Medical Inc. are dedicated to help accurately assess and document comprehensive patient treatment and intervention plans for wound care management.

Star Medical delivers the right product, the right people, and the relationship that matters.